About us

“DAZZL” is derived from Dazzle, meaning to be strikingly bright and attractive.

Our mission is that every piece of jewelry we sell can make the wearer more dazzling and radiant, captivating everyone around them.

Why we start DAZZL?

We are two 90s girls who share a passion for dazzling diamond jewelry. By a stroke of serendipity, we got the opportunity to collaborate with local natural diamond wholesalers and jewelry setting workshops.

Our hope is to provide consumers who also love diamond jewelry an alternative shopping experience with better value for money compared to traditional retailers.


Traditional jewelry retailers in the market typically access jewelry through distributors and regional agents, by which point the cost has already been marked up 5-6 times.

By collaborating with local natural diamond wholesalers and jewelry workshops in Hong Kong, we are able to source or customize fine jewelry at lower costs, passing the savings on to our customers. This allows consumers to avoid paying brand premiums and acquire their desired diamond pieces at more affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. We provide significant advantages in quality control and production lead times.