• 1.

    Contact us about your budget and any diamond requirements.

  • 2.

    We will provide you with plenty of GIA/ IGI diamonds choices and their prices, allowing you to make a decision.

    Deside which material you would like to set the diamond in, eg: 18k gold, Platium 950, etc.

    Once you have chosen the GIA/ IGI diamond and the ring style, we will charge 70% of the estimated price of the jewelry.

    📌All diamond orders paid with FPS are eligible for a 2% transaction fee waiver.

  • 3.

    When the goods is done, we will contact you and deliver the goods ASAP.

    If cancel or abandon an order, the deposit that has been paid cannot be refunded.

  • Remark: 

    When purchasing a GIA/IGI diamond engagement ring, you can enjoy a one-time free ring resizing service for the ring band size within 7 days (excluding changes to the ring style).
    However, the resized ring size must be within a three-size range. If it exceeds the specified range, the price difference will need to be paid.

  • DAZZL reserves the right to amend or modify the aforementioned terms and conditions without prior notice. DAZZL also retains the ultimate decision-making authority in all disputes.